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An app for garment care.

We believe in a world where we take care of the clothes we love; protecting wardobes along with the environment in the process.

Sustainable app, wash tags, laundry symbols, garment care

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The sustainable laundry app.

We believe in a future where we are more responsible when selecting what to wear. Where slow fashion becomes the norm, the environment has a chance to recover, and where quality outruns quantity.

We made an app that helps you become more conscious about the choices you make, when caring for your clothes. Now, we realize an app probably won’t save the world, but it might just inspire a mindset that could. A mindset that could change generations.

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Wash tags

An easy reminder. For all your favorites.

You might cut them off, need a small reminder for that special dress, knit cashmere sweaters or sew your own collection. In any case, you can store them in the app for future reference. Why? Because you’ll lower the risk of ruining your clothes.

Laundry symbols explained


Long live garments. Laundry symbols explained.

Square with two diagonal lines? Bravo if you already know it. The small laundry symbols are worth noting, because garments are meant to last for years. By washing your clothes as intended, you’ll prolong the life of your wardrobe - sparing resources and helping out nature in the long run.

Sustainable laundry care


Expected early 2017

Care will guide you to become more sustainable. With environmentally friendly tips, the big no-nos, removing those mildly sedating odors and so on. We expect to launch care before march.


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